Wanted ISO 22 rifle


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I’ve got a marlin model 60 that I really enjoy. Plenty of aftermarket parts, including high cap magazines. It costs about 1/2 of the 10/22, and I believe it to be every bit as accurate and reliable.
Also have a tube fed that is really fun to shoot.. but lame to load.

A single shot will make you a better shooter. Having to take the time between rounds makes you care a little more. When you can throw 30rnds down range in a few seconds, aim doesn’t really apply.


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A single shot will make you a better shooter.
I agree.

When you can throw 30rnds down range in a few seconds, aim doesn’t really apply.
Ehhh… That depends on the shooter. If you have learned to aim, perhaps with a single shot, you can throw a lot of well aimed shots quickly with a semi. These three chucks died with three shots in three seconds. And there isn't anything remarkable about it. Just aimed, that's all :D. That rifle swept a few prairie dog mounds clean in a matter of seconds last weekend too. But, just because I'm shooting kinda fast (not real fast, I'm not capable), doesn't mean I'm not aiming, carefully, on every shot.

You don't have to toss aim out the window just because you have the ability to put a lot of lead in the air quickly. But, I would agree that an awful lot of folks do.



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That is a suppressor :). Thunder Beast, Ultra 7, 6.5 :). It has a cover on it, which helps cut down on mirage in the scope from the heat coming off of it, and also helps prevent burning things inside the vehicle or the gun case.

I use cans on almost everything, all the time, anymore. Just wish I'd have got wise and started using them a long, long time ago, when I could still hear...



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Since you said you just wanted a pinker then I say go with the lever. Henry or browning make good one.

10/22 has a large aftermarket and it's been my own experience that after a little while you start looking at stocks and figure while your replacing the stock you might as well replace the barrel. But then you realize that you can upgrade the trigger but why stop there....and before you know it you have "invested" a small fortune on making your 10/22 "cool" it's a rabbit hole dont go down it.


I have a bolt action Savage 22LR with a scope and bull barrel, which I love. I use it to hone my skills for my bigger rifle... https://www.rme4x4.com/threads/plinking-savage-rifle-with-or-w-o-accutrigger.72278/

I also added a Ruger 10/22 to our collection with open sights and a 50 round mag. It's for blasting thru rounds and just having fun.

2 very different guns, shooting the same round... both fun in different ways. So you better buy two 22's. :thinking:


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The other day while wasting time waiting for our movie to start, I came across the Ruger Precision rimfire, so I bought it. Haven't shot it yet (still need to get some glass on it) but it should be a fun gun. It is more expensive than most 22s.


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I love my Remington Speedmaster 552. I bought one out of the gun library at Cabelas probably 7 years ago. Its nice to shoot with the tube and seems better built than the 10/22 I look at at the counter.


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My old Remington 513-S will out shoot anything here but is heavy and really not small enough for plinking. It is deadly on rabbits/squirrels and occasional fox and coyote.