Jeep Wrangler based truck (JT Gladiator)


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No. Too many grayscale cars out there. Pick a green, orange, blue, something, anything that you can tell if it's a color or black and white photo.
I think I've owned 5 red cars, currently own 2 that are red. My wife has a gray car and I can never find it in the parking lot.


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Fine. Just ponder how all those teal Jeep's came into existence. It's like picking paint for the walls of your house - classic white, then you accessorize!
I was talking to a friend about this when he bought his white tacoma.. No one goes out looking for a 'burnt orange' truck now that they are 15-20 years old. I wonder if 'concrete gray' or 'army green' toyotas will be the same way


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What I've always been waiting for is still just another concept... now the JL based "J6"

When will the next tease come out, maybe a shortened gladiator based concept at the next Safari?


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I've seen two of these so far, first one in salt lake cruising down 201, then saw another on a transport Friday morning in Orem. I'm very tempted to try and get into one, but I would really like to test drive first. I wonder how long it'll be til they're on every single jeep lot out there.



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I have been reading all the comparisons and it seems that they all like the little Chevy over the Jeep and the Ranger seems to come in last. They all seem to no like how the Gladiator rides....well, its like buying a JK or JL, you dont buy them because they cruise the hwy nicely. Its a jeep and they arent built to make you happy on the road. If you want that, then buy a Grand Cherokee. I would own a Gladiator but wow, Jeep is extremely proud of them based on pricing.


Just heard today that someone was able to fit a 37" tire (measuring 36.5") with full air pressure in the spare location under the bed. Jeep has been saying that a 35" tire would fit, but didn't say anything about a 37.... so someone tried it and made it work! This is great news for those planning to run 37's!



Time for a Gladiator test drive! Pretty impressive at highway speeds, the extra wheelbase really helps with stability. Love the 8 speed auto! It's very smooth and quiet, easy to drive and a huge improvement over the JKU. The brakes feel like they had a lot of stopping power, they were very noticeable. This one is the Overland, pretty fancy inside with 18" wheels and street tires.

It's priced at $53k MSRP at Flower Motor Company in Montrose, CO.







These look so awesome on 37's...and so awful on those 255 all season tire.
I totally agree, my wife called the 18" wheels and street tires "cute"... it looks like a low rider, stock. I need to see a Rubicon Gladiator in person, they look much better IMO.