JK front Dana 44 swap into LJ

Tim, going to be awesome to see. Curious about the cyro treatmemt. Whats it cost and how much stronger does it make the gears?
Tim, it is typically a 30-50% increase of strength, and up to double increase of durability. The web site of the company doing this for me claimed the process makes a D30 pinion as strong as a 60. I think that is a lofty and exaggerated claim, but muscle cars and racers have been doing this for decades. It just isn't as popular in the rock crawling world (although an older 4wheeler article is what initially turned me onto the process). The popular thing just tends to build things BIGGER, instead of lighter and stronger.

Here are the two articles that initially turned me onto cryogenic treatment.
Gears will be delivered today. I finished chopping off the JK coil buckets, sway bar mounts and track bar mount, basically everything but the control arm mounts. I will re-use those considering the reinforcement they will all receive from the truss and the LCA skids. The real work begins tomorrow with the help of Jeromy at Pendleton Racing & Fab.