For Sale - Best Offer JK Half Doors / Soft Top and Cover

Oscar da Grouch

That F-N-G
North Utah
Asking Price
Used - Great Condition
Sold the Jeep got a couple big parts to unload.
JK front Half Doors with Uppers and Mirrors used a couple times.
Retail = $1810
Looking to move fast at $850 or make me an offer.

36 HRS (22) by Oscar Indy, on Flickr
With the uppers
36 HRS (1) by Oscar Indy, on Flickr

Ill peal the stickers off the doors before they go.

Have a mostly complete soft top for a 2 door also. $400 OBO
Tan top with 2 sets of windows.
Factory bows
Door surrounds included (will fit any year JK with the surrounds)
Includes tailgate bar.
Only missing pieces are the brackets that attaches to roll bar.
Quadratec has them for 16 bucks per side
Has two sets of windows because the first top had an encounter with a tree limb and they don't sell the individual pieces. Kept the windows for spares.
Great shape no tears or patches. It wasn't on long after the replacement came in because I went to a hardtop for the winter.
WRJC 5th Anni (3) by Oscar Indy, on Flickr

Bestop Trail Cover.
Nearly new.
I'd take 100