Jobs! Looking for a job? Is your company hiring? Post up here!


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This seems to be a subject that comes up quite often. This thread is for those folks looking for a job or people who's company is hiring. Please keep it on track, JOBS ONLY! :hickey:


Are you not entertained?!
Union Pacific is always hiring; Engineers & Conductors, Signalmen, Diesel Mechanics, Track Maintenance, etc. Most jobs are hourly, starting around $20/hr. Benefits are good, retirement is awesome, half-decent union.

More of a career than just a job, the company is doing a lot of hiring to replace a retiring workforce. The people doing the hiring are looking for career oriented employees.

Jobs in Utah are here-

Look often, jobs change & new positions come up.


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The Boeing company has been Hiring off and on all year they have great benefits, in most cases paid schooling and paid medical PM me if you want more details.

Great Idea Greg :D


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I already posted here, but I'm still looking :D

Something in Utah Valley, flexible hours or swing shift. Technical experience, accounting student...


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Verizon Wireless is always hiring. We have retail stores throughout the Wasatch Front, and a call center in West Valley. Full and part-time jobs, flexible hours, very competetive pay and great benefits from day one. Awesome tuition reimbursement! Apply online.


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Motor Rewind / Machinist

Energy Management Corporation (EMC) is dedicated to preventing problems and creating solutions for our customer's electrical needs. Our expert team and our three divisions are what put us above our competition. CW Silver is our repair and service division, Motor Drives International is our manufacturing division, and Bob Green Electrical is our sales division. We pride ourselves on our strong team mentality.

EMC has two full-time, swing-shift positions open in our machine and motor rewind department. Duties include converting winding data for voltage and speed changes; disassembly, repair, and testing motors; shaft repair with welding and flame spraying. The candidate must be able to reconstruct and return machine surfaces to standards, must be familiar with sleeve and rolling bearing tolerances and fits, must have experience with random and form coil up to 6,600 volts. Balance and vibration experience is a plus. Safety and knowledge of high voltage rest equipment a must, general shop and personal safety is an integral part of this position. Must have own hand tools.

*Welding experience, certified big plus
*CDL big plus​
Apply online HERE

Many other Job openings available for SLC, Denver, Idaho, and Las Vegas.

Apply online HERE

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USPS is hiring
Some people have to buy thier own cars (the rural rought people) but get $.47(?) a mile (map mile). My wife is still just part time (it does take a few years to get full time) and is at $17.51hr, she has been there since 9/06.
Some offices may have some part time temp stuff open at about $12hr.
From what I understand, "part time temp(temp. royal carrier)"= not taking the test, and they have to let you go after a year (they can rehire you, but its at thier discression), or part time permanent (royal carrier associate)= taken and passed the test (there is a program out there to practice/prepare for the test), and in the running for full time position.
My wife realy likes it (compaired to being just the poor milkmans housewife).


Also COW has jobs open from time to time.
Check out
I think there is a truck driver position (about $16hr), and a part time retail/display setup position($10hr?+milage), listed right now.
Keep looking from time to time, there are jobs in the plant (prodution/shipping) that come open (also $15-17hr).
It's booooriiinnnggg repetative work, but there is a paycheck every other friday. Base pay calculates out to be $34-37k a year, but with overtime/holiday you COULD push $40-45 (a few people break $50). Union dues, and about $300 a month for benefits are taken away from you though.


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Summit Machine, located in Draper, is expanding. We are looking for a reliable, hard-working and motivated person to join our organization.
If I still lived up there that would've been the first place I applied when I left VPI... :-\ Would've been fun, but I guess experience in my field of study is good

Ah yes, I did find a job FWIW, right between work and home making decent money doing some bookkeeping work, so it'll be good experience


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Electronics Tech position at Hill AFB... Hihg visibility position. Go to and click on careers. pull down location and select Utah. Hill, not Wendover. Requires a clearance... Contact me here for other info. I AM NOT THE HIRING OFFICIAL!!!!


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Job Description

Senior Java Developer is looking for highly skilled Java developers to work on enterprise and web applications, and infrastructure. Candidates should have 5 years or more professional development experience and at least a Bachelors degree in Computer Science. We value intelligence, creativity, quality, technical leadership, and an interest in learning.

The ideal candidate definitely has:

- Strong Java SE skills, preferably through release 1.5.

- Solid SQL ability.

And may possess many of the following:

- Proficiency in Object Oriented design and programming.

- Experience with Object Relational Mapping (ORM), especially Hibernate.

- Experience using web presentation technologies such as JSP, JSF, Ajax, Jamon, Velocity, or FreeMarker.

- Use of web container technologies, especially Tomcat.

- Proficiency with IDE-based development, especially in Eclipse.

- Proficiency building unit tests, especially using JUnit.

- Proficiency with Ant, and SVN or CVS.

- XML and related technologies such as XSD, JAXB, XSLT, etc.

- Experience with large databases and systems.

Other abilities we would like are:

- Experience building web services, especially using the REST style.

- Programming in C and C++.

- Team lead experience.

- Development on Linux.

- JavaEE related experience such as EJB, Spring, etc.

- Experience with Maven.

- Database schema definition.

- Experience using Oracle 10G.

- Experience with JMS.

At Overstock, you will have the opportunity to work at one of the nation's top five online retail companies. You will work closely with a dynamic team of developers who all share a common goal: building highly reliable systems that can handle huge loads without breaking a sweat. is located in Salt Lake City, UT, and offers competitive compensation and a full benefits package.

Please call Aaron at 801-971-1393 for more information. Be sure to tell him your are from RME. :)