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Brad J

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Woods Cross, UT
For those interested, UPS has quite a few positions open right now. There's a few mechanic positions in Colorado. Starting pay is not great, but top pay after two to four years, union position, and outstanding benefits. It's the only way I could afford to deal with my medical stuff earlier this year. Most positions require you to shave though.
I've worked nights at UPS as a package handler for almost 4 years. The benefits are amazing since my Day job only pays 50% on several of the medications that my wife and daughter were on. It's crazy to pay around $5 now instead of up to $900 out of pocket for meds. Vested in a pension after 5 years. Tuition reimbursement. I wish I had been there when I went through School and we had the kids.


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Has this position been filled?
Still available. We filled one receptionist position but considering another. Technician spot also still open.

Best to contact our office manager, Yvonne. 801 486-0123


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Any part time jobs in Provo/Orem/areaish? I currently work Monday through Thursday, possibly looking into trying to find something on Friday's for a little extra cash. Thinking labor type work, driving, mowing, landscaping, mechanical (HVAC) etc.
I know it's not a long-term gig, but I could use another set of hands finishing my Samurai. Really, most of it is bolting it all together and such. I'm in Holladay, though. If interested, PM me.