Free K10 stuff


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Willard, UT
Free stuff ...
Anyone need any of this stuff before I toss it ? from my 78 K10.
12 Bolt rear G80 limited slip diff.
12 bolt and Dana 44 3.08 gear sets, good used.
Yello Monroe stock length shocks, Seemed OK when I drove it..
Stock front leaf springs, pair.
1 good rear 52" leaf, the other had a couple broken leafs in the pack.
1 pair of mis matched front hubs. 1 stock 1 aftermarket of some kind
1 good drag link, (2 ends and the sleeve) needs new boots.
Couple of spindles, may be good for spares etc.. had some wear so we replaced them while my axle was apart.
Stock 12 bolt and Dana 44 covers
Drag link, i think its good except for the boots.

Literally a truck bed load of parts.