Kayaking or other water "sports"


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So with everything going on and the limited options right now due to the VID. I've recently purchased a Pelican recreation kayak and am looking at a tandem in a little bit.

I've been wanting them to take camping to various places like the lakes up Mirror Lake Highway or Yuba or what not. We recently rented 2 tadem ones and went to Jordanelle for a day and had fun....mostly being able to sit on the beach with friends yet still have something to go do.

Does anyone else do this?


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Orem, Utah
Ive got a Wilderness Systems Pungo 14'. Its a Touring/Recreational Kayak. Its "capable" of doing open ocean paddling. Id love to take it to Puget Sound or Vancouver Island and see what it can do up there.

East Canyon, Pineview, Smith & Morehouse are all good places. Lily Lake is the only lake in the Uintahs Ive paddled. Not very big but less crowded and good spot for camping.

Hoping to do an overnight trip this year in Glacier Park with the Kayak. Paddle from the foot of Bowman Lake to the head and camp at a back country site and paddle back the next day.


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I have several kayaks. The Uintas are awesome and full of fun lakes.

Causey is fun, but it is OVER run on weekends. SUP's are to watersports what sxs's are to ohvs. I used to love Causey but almost can't stand to go on a weekend unless I'm on the water by 8am and off by 1 or so pm.

I've heard East Canyon is fun but I haven't been there in years.


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My neighbor brought a catamaran sailboat last week at Palisades and it was a TON of fun. Its a hobie 16 with a main sail and a jib sail. Hes only had it 5 years or so and has just kind of figured it out on the water but when I got home from the trip I was all over the web watching videos and looking into other sailing options or boats. There is one are two on KSL right now and I'd probably buy one if my kids were older.

I've been threatening to buy a row boat like they used to have at scouts camp for years but never got around to it and now it seems they are all geared towards throwing a motor on the back rather than using oars.


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If it were me trying to fit 2 people in a boat I'd just go for a canoe. They are easier to get in and out of and stable. I got a sit inside Old Town kayak and it moves well in the water but I just hate getting in an out of it. I think it wants to roll me into the water anytime I get in and out. I think I need to find something more sit on top or canoe like and stick a kid that likes to get wet in my Kayak.


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I’ve never been kayaking but have done the SUP thing for probably 3 years now. This February I bought my first river surfboard and have been surfing the river waves in Missoula, Boise and Bend. The waves look like I riot for Kayakers. The wave in Boise has airbags under the trim plate and they adjust it. Half the week is a green wave (kayak) half is a blue wave (surf).

picture from google.


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That looks like a lot of fun. I'd never go though because I wouldn't want to wait for my 2 second turn.
That’s a pretty busy day. It’s usually not that bad essentially in winter. I went in February and there was like 4 people. Plus once you get tossed out of the wave it’s a workout to swim back so I don’t mind a rest period to lower my heart rate back down. Missoula is intense that river takes you for a ride.