King of the Hammers race week 2022!


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Sandy, Ut
What a fun week! Crazy busy as we were pitting for 4 different cars on Thursday's UTV race and Friday's EMC race and our team covered one 4400 car on Saturday.

The Rusty Nail 4619 had a DNF, we were all hoping for a 3rd time EMC 4600 win but it wasn't the year. We lost a rear shock frame crossmember early in the desert stage of the race and that slowed the pace considerably until they could limp to Pit 1 for the repair. By the time they made it to through Spooners and Outer Limits but suffered a broken front driveshaft. The pit I was running (remote pit 2) was closing for the day (5PM) and while they could continue, it would just be for kicks. Our other car (4998) made it into Spooners and got stuck. We got him off the course and back to camp around 7:30pm. Looooooong days but fun. The big race was more relaxed as the entire Rusty Nail team (~70 of us) were just covering one pit for Tom Ways. We were able to watch the action at Turkey Claw, Hammertown short course and Chocolate Thunder. Can't wait for next year!