Krazy Ks new build.


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So as most of you know my teenage daughter destroyed my XJ in a roll at Farmington NM @Nationals so it is time for a new build.
Some back story is a lot of kind people saw and witnessed what happened and enjoy watching Katelynn and she honestly is pretty good at it and want to see her keep competing.
Jason Reeves from Blind Squirrel racing came up to us in Farmington and told us if we bought a chassis he would donate his time and weld it for us. He mentioned the Goat built/JHF 2 seater chassis. Charlie runs one and His son Jacob ran one and did well in it. So the search was on.

Jason got ahold of the owner and told him about us and gave us his contact information. Katelynn and I also checked out Tyler Harper's chassis which is the same thing. Katelynn fit perfect but it was a little small for me. While looking at it we with Tyler we figuring out a way to stretch the cockpit 4 inches by moving the B pillar back. In talking with Jason he saw what we were talking about and said it could be done. We ran this buy Mark (chassis manufacturer) and he said he could lengthen those in his programs and cut the bars for us. So today we placed and paid for our order.

This car will be a sportsman B/Promod car but was originally built to be a go fast car.

Build Plans is to use as much of my XJ stuff as possible.

Goatbuilt/JHF 2 seater chassis

Use my built HP super duty 60 and
Sterling 10.5 with ballistic fab shave kit.

Raceline wheels with 40inch maxxis trep stickies.

Use my 4 speed Atlas

Motor is a LM4 aluminum block 5.3 it will be paired with a TH350 3 speed automatic with Rad design shifter. This is a short drive train which will allow us to still use the large 4 speed Atlas.

14 inch ORIonfront and 16 inch rear.

Summit Machine links and joints Triangulated front and rear.

Front and rear cutting brakes.

Front mount radiator.

Front and rear suck down winch

15 gallon fuel cell. Driver seat will have 2 seat positions like the XJ did a his and hers.

Can't wait to get started on it and hopefully have it done for next years W.E. rock season. 2018-02-08-10.52.06-scaled.jpg2018-02-08-10.52.11-scaled.jpg
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Recovering XJ owner anonymous
Southern Utah
Best possible outcome, I'd love to hear what you think of the LV3 after some time behind the seat.
To us it is probably going to feel like a rocket ship. Our 4.0 in its prime was 190 HP with 235 torque pushing a 4-5000 lb rig. The LV3 is rated @285 HP with 305 torque in a much lighter rig. Probably around 3000 pounds when we are finished?


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Ok, Kev and Katelyn, I am good for a C-note. Lets get a RME sticker on this buggy. :D

Do we do a link, paypal, venmo?

What is a reasonable goal?

Post up with other part needs too, we probably have most of what else you need kicking around RME garages... ;)