Krazy Ks new build.


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Bought half of our ORIs today. A pair of 16s popped up locally. New in box never opened Now to find some 14s for the front.

Tranny is done with rebuild and full manual valve body. I think Novak sent me the wrong adapter kit so I will call them today to fix that. Input seal doesn't reach the output shaft.
Glad I mocked it up first.



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The new correct Novak adapter showed up yesterday. It will have to wait to be installed until after Thanksgiving.

We wanted to announce our latest Sponsor.
In the beginning stages of the buggy planning we decided we wanted to go with ORIs. So I put Katelynn to work and she sent a couple of emails and Mark the owner sent us a response that he likes to approve people personally and that we should meet.
He lives in Georgia but the family (Jensen brother and ORI) bought an Ultra 4 car and they were prepping it in SLC and were suppose to come to trail Hero. Those plans changed and eventually we lost contact.

Knowing we were on a time crunch I called Todd Little (previously sponsored by ORI (my Carl here in Southern Utah) and asked if he would inquire for us. He pushed us initially to contact ORI. We'll they have been super busy with work and car prep but push comes to shove they were able to offer us and great deal on our 2 sets of ORIs 14s and 16s and are suppose to be here today.
Huge thanks to them for being willing to help us out and most importantly getting us Struts in a timely fashion when I know they are back logged for nearly a year. Thank you Todd for your help in making this happen.

We have at least 2 title Sponsors this year. Lasernut and ORI.
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More buggy parts showing up. Ordered a Griffin Radiator, not here yet. 16 in 2500 cfm spal fan, adapter for th350 to LS flywheel. We are extremely happy to have Rad design products on board again. They have provided a new shifter. Should work awesome with our new manual valve body Transmission. Got the correct adapter plate from Advanced Adapters.



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So chassis is basically done. When Drew from Goatbuilt stretched the chassis the door bars didn't get the proper length. So he is cutting them the right length and getting them sent off. Winch mount is left off for easy placement of drive train. Now just need to get the drive train all together and get it sent down there. Jacob Revees is suppose to be here this weekend so we will load up his truck and send a bunch of parts down with him.


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So we delivered our motor to the Reeves this weekend. Fun quick trip to Lake Havasu. While there we got to see the chassis and talk about and figure some stuff out. Unfortunately the truck intake is probably going to be too tall so we are on the look out for a LS1 or LS6 car intake.
The motor is an LM4 with 799 heads, LS6 springs, with a larger cam shaft 205 vs the stock 191.
Going to be a ton different than the 4.0 were so is too.

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I can't believe that we have come so far on this list so quickly. The Reeves will have 95%+ of what they need to finish the car before Christmas.

We once again want to thank our Sponsors for all that they have helped us with. Without this help this project would never have happened. When Katelynn podiums this season she is going to have a long list to thank.

ORI Struts
Summit Machine
Adams Driveshaft
Warn Industries
Blind Squirrel Racing
Raceline wheels
Maxxis tires
Yukon Gear and Axle
RADdesign shifter
Off Road Vixens

Things done/ordered/sitting in the Reeves Shop.

Motor: LM4 5.3 with 205/217 cam shaft, 799 heads, LS6 intake. Has new push rods and stronger LS6 valve springs.

Goatbuilt Chassis

Warn winches front and rear

99-04 Superduty Axles from XJ
HP 60 With 35 Spine outers and yukon hubs. Sterling 10.5 with Ballistic Fab Shave kit. Air lockers in both axles.

4 speed atlas T case. 5.44/1

Th350 rebuilt with manual valve body.

PRP Seats (heated with water bladders) with seat harnesses and steering wheel

Arb air compressor with switches.

Battery and battery box.

Advance Adapter to mate my atlas to th350

Artec Full hydro mount and link tabs.

ORI 14 front and 16 rear inch Struts

Th350 shifter from RADdesign products.

Summit Machine joints
(links will ship when we have measurements)

Warn Winches:
Front VR Evo 10s
Rear VRX 35

Raceline wheels

Adams Drive shafts
(Need measurements)

Front and rear cutting brakes

Master cylinder

Pedals and assembly.

Fuel cell/pump 18 gallon from goat built with factory GM fuel pump.

Griffen Radiator/ Spal 2500 cfm Electric fan

Transmission cooler/fan.

Howell wire harness and computer(ordered)


Full Hydro Steering (awaiting Sponsorship approval.)

Steering quick disconnect.


Rear synthetic winch line.



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So a couple updates.

Got our wheels powder coated. FX powder coating has joined our team and we had our wheels done. I absolutely love how they came came. The color is a illusion color of Tangerine Twist by prismatic powder. They sparkle in the sun.

We are also part of the Grassroots sponsorship program with Maxxis again this year. We chose to go with the 40 inch Trepadors. Got those mounted on our new wheels.

We are also continuing with Raceline wheels and with a new build we wanted a clean look so they provideisus with new aluminum rings for the wheels.

Summit Machine got our links all done and should ship today or tomorrow.

The Reeves also started to mock up the radiator and our ORIs. Put the hood and grill on to check clearances.
Tires are 37x12.50 vs 40x13.50. Both new unmounted.