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Warning. Long read.

Well it has been a fun year so far. For those that don't know I Kevin spot for my daughter Katelynn in the W.E. rock Sportman C (stock?) Class.
A couple weeks ago we had an opportunity to go to Mason Texas and compete at Katemcy rocks. (Eastern series event)

First, we are spoiled with all of our rocks and blm land in Utah. Second, Katemcy rocks are awesome but on private land. If your ever have an opportunity to wheel there it was so much fun. We got the chance to rec wheel as well as the competition.

The Competition-
Day 1
First course first day we hit a tree and broke a rear quarter glass. It must have snuck in between my rear cage and glass. All courses are tight for our rig but we finished with very little time left (we do that often). Second course We rolled attempting gate one (Katelynns first roll) righted it and it started right up. The next two courses were fun and we did well on those.
Day 2.
Course are run in the opposite direction of day one. First course (glass breaker course) ate up a ton of time at the 1st gate. Had to rush through the rest of gates changing our game plan and barely finished that one. (Katelynn might have a good future as rock bouncer driver)Second course (Rolled on course) gave us issues and ended up timing out just after the last gate. The last 2 courses were good for us again and finished them but with out Katelynns Rock bouncing skill might not have happened. We finished first when all was said and done (one rig in our class) but learned a lot and had so much fun doing it and competed like we would have anyways.

Cedar City (Western Series event #1)

I was spotting for a friend also which makes extra work for me.

First Course day 1 we want to show what we are made of so we attempt Bonus line number 2. We end up flopping/rolling on it but with some expert spotting she reverses hard driver and the jeep rights it self. We finished the course well and move on to the next course.
We struggle with some communication and skill level and finish but not as well as we wanted to. (Katelynn is good at front burns but still learning rear burns as am I as a spotter and which way to turn the front ect to help the rear burn the way we want it weather in forward or reverse).
On to the next course. We talked about how to do rear burns in between courses and we kill our third course with a -37 score (-40 is the best you can do)
Last course we did really well on until the last gate. At up almost all our time and ended up finishing with a second or less of time. Got an ok score but could have been so much better. At the end of day 1 we are sitting in 1st with a target on our backs 26 points ahead of 2nd place.

Day 2-
First course goes well enough. no rolls. A couple cones hit but we don't give up too much of our lead.

Second Course goes well no cones hit and minimum reverses. Tie for the best score.

3rd course was our best the previous day but ends up being difficult. we finished it with the best score but clutch fan makes contact with radiator and puts some holes in it. Find some pepper and it slows the leak for our last course.

The first gate we struggled with on this course. We flopped it trying to turn up hill. She tries to drive out of it but with no luck. Fortunately my son yells out can't you touch it, and it clicks that I can and HeMan it back onto 4 wheels. We ate a ton of time but Katelynn has rock bouncer skills so we finish the course murdering a cone or 2 on the way out. We ended up in first place with a 64 point lead.

It is so fun but I get into it so much and I have so much emotion with it and it was awesome to celebrate that with my daughter. Also want to thank our Sponsors that have helped this season. Please give them your business if your in the market for there products. I thinks it is awesome that so many people stepped up to support our team and Katelynn as a competitor. For more pictures and videos we post most everything on Instagram Krazy_k.s

Raceline wheels
Maxxis Tires
Rad design shifters
Yukon gear and axle
Summit machine
Adam's drive shafts
Laser Nut fabrication and racing
The Car Barn
Colf plumbing

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Great job guys. It was fun seeing the white XJ's battling it out in the distance.
Also this is a win for Team XJ because:
1) XJ's in the top 2 spots
2) Chris jumped in my XJ ten minutes before the comp started and performed better than he ever has in a rig that is considerably less "built" than his TJ

Go Team XJ!


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So 2 more events down. I already shared our results in Delta in the delta thread. Long story short we had a group of 14 rigs. Rich split them almost in half. We took 1st in our group. Really didn't expect this as Delta as never been a strong comp with the jeep but with up grades to the jeep and a different driver we ended up in that spot.

Just finished a Comp in Glencoe OK which is right outside of Stillwater. The night before the event it rained 1/2 an inch turning everything to mud. Our first course we finished. Second course we would have finished but ended up hitting 3 cones and 10 reverses so we pointed out. Last 2 courses with the mud and climbs we had to make where not in the books and timed out on both courses after making all 4 gates but couldn't get to the finish line. Ended the day in Second 4 points behind 1st.

Day 2 was much better. Finished all of the courses with good results with our last course being our best score at a -37. Such a fun way to end the day and was enough to give us the win. This also puts us as East Coast point series Championship winners which was the goal of this trip.

Side note.
I will take my 100+ temps vs humid heat any day.

Also can't believe how well and how much fun we are having. This is our 4th event this year with 4 first. Hope we can keep the streak alive.



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Awesome to see! When I was stationed at Dyess the club I was in helped cut a bunch of the trails and built the pavilion there. Both Katemcy parks were great to wheel.


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So we have our last regular season event this coming weekend. We were able to snag a second place finish in Colorado so we are tied for 1st in point series. This weekend will determine where we finish in Goldendale Washington.

Katelynn and I have had a great time and got to travel a lot this season and also snagged a 1st place finish in the eastern point series. Nationals is in a month in Farmington NM. Can't wait to wheel there. Thanks for everyone's support.


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Recovering XJ owner anonymous
Southern Utah
Well the season is over and it was a fun one. Ended up placing first in Eastern and Western point series.

We went to Farmington early Friday So we could participate in the down town take over. Where we participated in the Cherokee/Grand category and took home first place. They had a flex ramp and Katelynn scored a 1019 on that. I think that's good for an XJ. We have never done that before so it was fun. It was long day but we got up and got ready for Nationals.
I was nervous as heck and not feeling the best but we got started on our first course and we're doing great on the first 2 gates. Cleared the first bonus and regular Gate 2 which others had trouble with. Got to gate 3 and decided we were lined up better for the bonus after getting stuck for a minute. It was an off camber obstacle. Katelynn did great positioning the rig but as we came through the gate the rear feel into a hole and unloaded on us. Jeep did a full rotation roll then it cartwheeledoff a 20 foot cliff or so. The cliff edge was 30 feet away from the obstacle so it never occurred to me thos would happen but inertia and the law of gravity took over.

Fortunately it landed on the passenger rear roof which collapsed the unibody and cage but helped absorb the impact. That also would have pushed Katelynn into her seat like in a rocket ship. Dad and mom freaked out but all was well. After Katelynn said she was OK the next words out of her mouth was "someone better have gotten that on video" she was a little sore in her neck but continued watching other competitors Saturday and Sunday. I had a Go pro on my helmet so yes we have it on video. Soon to be released. Hear are pictures for your viewing pleasure.