Kurt Williams' 1972 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 (Fall 2007 Featured Rig)

  • Toyota 2F, Inline-6, 4.2 liter, light machine work. Carbed.
  • Non-US Toyota 1-ton 5 speed
Transfer Case
  • Split-Case out of later model Land Cruiser, running CV shafts F&R
  • Front: 4.88/ARB, 30 spline Longfield chromo's
  • Rear: Non-US Full-Float, 4.88/ARB
  • Hybrid stock/OME springs in SOA setup.
  • FJ60 rear springs, FJ40 front springs.
  • Stretched ~4".
  • Shackle reversed front
  • Rancho 9k's
Tires & Wheels
  • 35" MTR's on 15x10 MRT Beadlocks
  • Saginaw with modified pump, and RL hydro assist.
  • All-Pro hi-steer arms
  • FJ80 TRE's
  • CrOut DOM steering rods.
  • Custom front and rear bumpers, sliders and skid
  • Winch - Warn 9.5ti winch
Interesting Facts
  • 28 Gallon LongRange Fuel tank
  • Helton On-Board Hot water system (shower)
  • Ready Welder
  • Dual Optimas with Wrangler NW switching system
  • Engine, dizzy, axles and trans/tcase plumbed to Snorkel
Whats Next?
  • Low range t-case gears waiting to go in. Other than that just upkeep and maintainance.

RME) What is the story behind your rig?

Kurt) I found the tub/frame sitting in a field in South Jordan, I was scoping out a dirt bike track out in a field when we spotted the Cruiser. I contacted the owners and sure enough they were willing to sell. Out of the whole lot I only ended up using the tub, all the rest of the stuff came from other cannibalized Land Cruisers. Its literally a complete mutt, it likely has parts from 50+ different Land Cruisers. Hence the name "Mongrel"

RME) What is/was your goal behind building your rig?

Kurt) A rig I could handle a 5 rated trail, and drive it home afterwards. At the same time, I wanted it to have a 400+ mile fuel range, comfortable for hours behind the wheel and reliable, using almost exclusively Toyota parts.

RME) If you had to do it all over again, would you do anything different?

Kurt) This day and age I would start off with a diesel swap, if there is any major conversion I have considered... its a diesel swap. Something with comparable power, with better mileage.

RME) What is your favorite feature of your rig?

Kurt) Removable top.

RME) What is your favorite trail in your rig?

Kurt) All of them?

RME) What kind of influence has this vehicle had on your lifestyle?

Kurt) While building it I started working at Cruiser Outfitters... long story short I ended up buying the company! A few weeks before this Cruiser was finished, I sold my older Land Cruiser, it had been an excellent rig but I was ready to start using the new rig.

...On to the photos of this awesome machine!
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Kurt built his Cruiser to get him where he wants to go, no matter the weather and/or road conditions.

Not only is this Cruiser capable of extreme off-road trails, look what is it is capable of!

Taking on the Rocks in Moab:
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Auburn, WY

Kurt's Cruiser love's the elements, and looks good covered in it too!

Functionality is a reality with Kurt's trail trailer. He built this trailer from the ground up to carry just about anything he could need. Check out the buildup here.

Even with his trail trailer hooked up, Kurt can navigate this Cruiser anywhere.

Halls Crossing at Hole In The Rock Trail.

Navigating the Hole in the Rock Trail.
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Very nice indeed :cool:

My favorite part is how you went out of your way to keep it all Toyota. Imo there's just too many ChevJ40's around these days....