Lame Joke Thread


By endurance we conquer
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This is dark humor. It might be offensive. Don't read it.

Dark humor is like food, not everyone gets it.

Dark humor is like a kid with cancer, it never gets old.

My wife asked me to see things from her point of view, so I tried it. I understand why her point of view is so narrow now. I couldn't see much out the kitchen window.

Is is easier to unload a truck of cats or bowling balls? Cats, because you can't pitchfork a bowling ball.
It was mid October, and three students of the International School of Music were discussing the upcoming Halloween costume party. They had decided that the best choice would be to show their passion and dedication to their musical careers by going as their favorite composers.
The Russian student proudly said "For the glory of The Motherland, I must go as Tchaikovsky".
The Italian student, with all adue flair, said "There is only one clear answer for me. I must go as the greatest composer, Vivaldi!"
The German student calmy looked first at the Italian, then the Russian, took a deep breath, and in a flat serious voice said....

"I'll be Bach".