Lame Joke Thread


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Pleasant Grove
A woman walks into a veterinarian holding a very limp duck. The vet calls her back to a room and he looks the duck over from head to toe and says, “I’m sorry ma’am, but this duck is dead”

In disbelief the woman says, “How can you be sure? You didn’t even run any tests or anything, he may just be in a coma!”

The vet sighs and leaves the room. He re-enters a moment later with a black labrador and the dog proceeds to sniff the duck head to tail, and then with sad puppy eyes it looks at the vet and shakes his head.

The vet leaves with the dog and returns with a cat. The cat closely looks the duck head to tail, and gives a sad meow and bows it’s head.

The vet reassures the woman that the duck is dead. He sends her to the front desk where she can pay her bill for the visit. The assistant says “okay ma’am, your bill is $1,500”

The woman gasps and says that’s preposterous for the vet just to tell her that the duck she brought in was dead. The assistant says “well the vet’s opinion alone would have just been $50, but with the lab report and the catscan that were requested, that brings the bill to $1,500”