Wanted late 70's mid 80's GM 6 bolt outers


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I am looking for a pair of 6 lug GM Dana/10 bolt/waggy outers, including knuckles, spindles, brake mounts, shafts, etc for my new D44 build. I am hoping to find some in the $100 range...or a whole axle if need be that I can strip. Thanks, Tim


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Holladay, Utah
I tossed a bunch out last year but still have one brand new 6 lug hub and rotor and a bunch of spindles. The spindles come in two versions, the large bearing type and the small bearing type. I have lots of the large bearing type. If you switch from 6 lug to 5 lug you use Ford Hubs and rotors with the small GM spindle. I have some of the steering knuckles also including one flat top right side that has been drilled for high steer. I'll have to look at the brake parts to see what I have.