Official Let's see your Backcountry 4x4!


What are you using to travel into the remote parts of Utah? Let's see your rig loaded up and ready to go.


Here's my wifes 2003 Toyota 4Runner on a recent trip to Capitol Reef NP. It's loaded up with the following.

  • Mombasa RTT.
  • Garmin Zumo 550 GPS.
  • EdgeStar freezer/fridge.
  • Cadec camp stove and a Mr Buddy Heater for those nights where the temps drop below freezing.
  • Tires are BFGoodrich AT's in a 265/70/17 and the suspension is stock for now. Old Man Emu 2.5" lift is in the garage, ready to go on.



Here's my '92 Toyota Landcrusier FJ80. Most of our camping/expedition gear moves from one vehicle to another, so the list is somewhat similar;

  • Old Man Emu 3" suspension with 850/863 springs
  • 33x12.5x15 BFG AT's
  • Mombasa Roof Top Tent
  • EdgeStar freezer/fridge
  • Cadec camp stove adapted to 20# propane tank
  • Mr Buddy heater for Winter trips, also hooks to 20# propane tank
  • Helton on-board shower w/ 7 gallon tank of shower water
  • Garmin Zumo 550 GPS
  • 20# CO2 tank
  • 2, 9" Checker HID lights
  • Cobra 29 WX NW ST CB



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East Stabbington
mine is a little over built for typical overland stuff, but It's road friendly and sees more backcountry miles than it does rockcrawlin miles.

98 ZJ, v8. Just turned over 37,000 miles
44 front w/ warns and CTM's. Spooled. 4.56's
Dynatrac 60 rear, Detroit. 4.56's
6" lift, 35" MTR's.
Radius arm front, triangulated 4 link rear
20# C02 on board.
Cobra 75 WXST CB
KC Dayligher 150 watt sealed beams
M8000 winch

Did about 3,000 dirt miles last year by my best guess.

Rose Garden Hill via the Kokopelli trail. Easter 09

Behind the Reef Road, SRS. Easter 08

Above Animas Fork, Silverton CO. 4th of July 08


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Here's my truck as of now. 1991 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ80

I haven't gone on any long-range expeditions yet, but I hope to in the future. I still have to do a few things.

It's equipped with:

  • OME 850J/860, F/R respectively, 4-4.5"
  • BFG AT's 33x12.50R15 (not pictured)
  • Rear Aussie locker
  • self-maintaining OBA system
  • Cobra WXST-II CB in-dash
  • Garmin nuvi 205 (road), Garmin GPS V (topo)
  • a SWEET sound system
  • Longfields
  • Aisin locking hubs, from an FJ62 (the one at Kurt's in Orem, yeah, I took them for $20. :D)
  • Lots of lights...
    • 4 100W KC's on the roofrack
    • 2 130W Hellas on the bumper
    • 2 foglights w/dichloric(sp?) yellow 55W bulbs (actually effective)
    • 4 rear roof lights, 335W total
    • 4 rock lights, 220W total
    • HIR 55W low beams, regular 65W high beams
    • for a grand total of 1,565 watts of light
  • Dual batteries to power it all

Cool box thing I'm in the middle of building... Just need another piece...

For the 80 guys... This is the spare-tire crossmember, flipped upside-down to fit the air tank ^^

I have more lights... ^^^ :eek:
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99 xj

I6 with K&N fipk, auto, 242 with SYE
4.5 RE lift
Customized front bumper with C-rock frame and steering braces
Warn XD9000 winch
Custom rear bumper with spare, 2gas cans and hi-lift jack
Viair 450P compressor
Cobra 148GTL CB with SSB
Garmin etrex legend Cx GPS
Garmin Nuvi 500 GPS
BFG 33-10.50X15 KM2's

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Casper, Wyoming
Here is my current expedition vehicle until the 55 is good to go...

1997 Lexus LX450 (FZJ80)
It's got:
-Factory front, center, and rear e-lockers
-Landtank Mass Airflow Sensor Housing
-Old Man Emu 2.5" lift
-Super Swamper TRXUS 255/85 R16 (33" skinnies)
-Front ARB
-Warn Endurance 12.0
-Hella Lights
-Slee A/C and T-case skid plates
-Rear custom bumper
-Custom Sliders
-J-Moose (ATV Ramp) roof rack w/ side lights
-Dual Optima Yellow Tops w/ National Luna intelligent battery system
-Slee headlight harness
-SOR Seat covers

Still to come
-JDM Electric fan
-swing out tire/jerry can carrier (4x4 Labs or Mule Equipped)
-helton shower
-better roof rack
-Communication's gear

Picked it up in Philadelphia last Feb. I've already gotten it stuck over 6 times so far. :greg: I love every mod on this truck. I fold the middle seats forward, the rear seats up, and keep all my gear in the back and only have to pull out the spare tire, recovery bag, and pelican gear case to sleep comfortably. For long hauls I have 4 scepter 5 gallon fuel cans and 3 scepter 5 gallon water cans. For navigation, I use paper, compass, and my laptop. I still need a USB gps reciever and a laptop mount and I will be golden.
Loaded with gear for 3, enough seats for 2.

Loaded with downed trees and brush later that night (don't let Eric know where you hide your keys).

Oh, and a GPS pic. I don't know how to add maps, so hardly any dirt routes show up on my GPS. I use it mainly as a fancy trip odometer to show details of the dirt portion of a trip.

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For the rougher stuff, I use a fairly generic '06 Jeep (Rubi Unlimited). It's got a 3" lift, 35's, jerry can racks, dead coyote rack (can carry other stuff too), lots of armor, OBA, winch and carries a full host of recovery gear etc.

Packed to the gills on a Jarbidge trip a few years ago (still on 31's):

For the less rough stuff and carrying the whole family on extended camping trips, I use 3/4 ton 4x4 pickup trucks. Currently an '08 Dodge megacab CTD, bone stock except for a leveling kit and 35" Toyo MT's.



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Sandy, Ut
2004 Tacoma

3.4l/TRD Supercharger/Safari Snorkel
Dual Odyssey metal jacket batteries with National Luna intellegent solenoid and in-cab control kit.
Yaesu 2M/Cobra CB
Front Runner Bakkie Rack & ARB Simpson III Roof Top Tent
Old Man Emu suspension
ARB front winchbar/XD9000 winch
All-Pro customized rear bar with integral 2" receiver
Rear frame gussets, lined bed underneath and inside, lined rocker panels.
Custom sliders
Helton Hot Water system using heater dash controls for temperature control



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Fruita, CO

1995 Chevy Tahoe 5.7 TBI
HP D44 front axle with 4.56 gears full high steer
D70 rear 4.56 gears
Alcan springs all around(52" front, 54" rear)
TJM Winch Bumper with 9000lb Tabor Winch
Custom Sliders
35" BFG ATs on H2 wheels

Coming soon: Full roof rack with HIDs, PSC Hydro Assist and rear bumper/tire carrier. Im still toying with the idea of a 6.0L motor for it.


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On our recent GSL trip:

the trailer isn't super "expedition" friendly, but it worked for this trip. I had my dad with us and since he has bad hips, we opted for slightly more civilized sleeping arrangements. Other than the snapped leaf spring about 10 miles before we hit pavement, it held up rather well.
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Brian P

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'94 Toyota FZJ80
Stock drive train
2.5" OME lift with 33" AT tires
ARB front bumper with 8K Ramsey winch, Rear aftermarket bumper
Snorkel, Rear Lock Right, J-Moose roof rack w/ Mombasa RTT, fuel, Water and Propane
Inside, storage box that carries co2, recovery equipment and tools, It also converts into a sleeping platform when the middle row is folded down.
R&M shower kit, Bushranger air jack for the kids I have a DVD player and screens on the back of the head rests.
electronics installed in the cab

I would L O V E a fridge of some sort, But I know that will eventually lead to dual batteries and other things, We use a $60.00 electric cooler from Coleman, It seems to work, We dont travel with a lot of perishables.
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The fridge freezer is that in your rig, How does it compare in quality / price to the ARB?
Who sells them? Looking to get one for the CJ-8
Anyone else chime in on what to buy


The fridge freezer is that in your rig, How does it compare in quality / price to the ARB?
Who sells them? Looking to get one for the CJ-8
Anyone else chime in on what to buy
I'll post a full review here soon. Its a Chinese made fridge, but very high quality stuff. I can't say how it compares to an ARB or Engel, but so far it has been fantastic.