lifting a 2000 Dakota QuadCab


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A neighbor of mine has an all-stock 2000 Dakota QuadCab truck. He just told me he wants to lift it, and asked me who he should talk to. I asked how far he thought he wanted to go, and he replied saying 6" (!). I'm not sure why he thinks he needs that much more height, but for the moment I'm letting it slide.

Who should I have him contact? Any suggestions?

EDIT: read second post below.
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Still plays with cars
Lehi, UT
Update of sorts:

He hasn't even responded to me, but I've already thrown this back at him. I wasn't initially thinking of the torsion bars up front, which means there is no way he's gonna lift it six inches without spending 10x more than he probably wants to.

I'm asking him why he thinks he needs to lift it that far. Maybe I can talk him into something modest, within the adjustment capabilities of the torsion bars. We'll see.


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My dad has one with the 5.9 he’d sell cheap. Runs great, replaced it with a newer 4Runner so this got parked.
I may be interested. As soon as our Bronco Sport arrives for my wife, I no longer need my off roader to double as a daily driver and am thinking options (may start its own thread.)


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It’s a 1999. My parents bought it in 2000, and was my moms ride to work for about 15 years, plus the occasional road trip.

When it was new it was pretty decked out for it’s time. Leather seats (tan), towing package, ‘premium sound’, 3rd row seating etc and the 5.9l 360 V8. Besides 2 or 3 water pumps needing replaced in it’s lifetime it’s been a pretty solid engine.

The front end of it has had its share of balljoints and TRE’s replaced. And honestly probably needs it again. Hence why I was thinking it would be perfect for the SAS ha. But, a refresh on some joints would put the IFS in good condition again.

Clear coat on the hood and front fenders is pretty much gone. There is a big crack in the paint back by the 3rd row, drivers side if I remember correctly, not sure why it did that but it’s been there forever.

Backseat window motor (I want to say, passenger side) doesn’t work, and the door panel is off. He still has the panel though.

Other negative to it is it’s both my parents smoke and drink coffee, so it’s got cigarette smell and some marks, and coffee stains in the carpet.

Tires are fairly worn. It also needs a new battery. I put the one out of my Jeep in it though to move it and it fired right up. But then I put that battery back in my Jeep after I moved it.
He’ll get some pics to me later today when he’s off work.

Sorry for the thread hijack.