Little Cottonwood Canyon


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SaSa Sandy
Not the typical land use for the 4x4 scene. But love it or hate it, the decisions being made will likely alter our use of the canyon for our lifetime. Public comment period is almost over.

Both as a user of the canyon and former law/traffic enforcement of the canyon i'm adamantly opposed to either of these silly ideas to give more business to snowbird especially if i'm paying for it. Not only that I don't want to look at a gondola regardless of where I am in the canyon. The monstrosity on top of the ridge I can see from my house in the valley is bad enough. I'll get off my soap box now and hope that you share your opinion either way.



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I’ve already commented. Of course snowbird and Alta are on board. They stand to profit hugely. I don’t think those of us against it will have an impact unfortunately. At the very least Alta and snowbird should be on the hook for 100% of the cost to build and operate.