Archived Looking for other jeeps for ejs

Me and my family will be attending EJS 2016. I am only registered for 2 guided trails. I'll be coming on the 18th and staying a week. Is there a place where random people meet up for trail runs, I would like to do every trail possibly this year but would like to have more experience people running it with me.

Lil' Rich

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I don't really know of a group like this but some things to consider when you are looking for people to tag along with are the questions below. We'll be there but our schedule is very tentative.

What kind of vehicle are you driving? what would you say your limits are as a driver? Do you have a couple pics of your rig?


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if you meet up at the city market in the mornings there is always someone going out somewhere and they all seem to meet there at city market. Most the time they leave around 9am. So just go there and ask around and I am sure you will find a trail to go with someone!