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I spent an hour tossing them in my mapping app. It would take ~30 minutes loading the coords on something with a keyboard. You‘ll spend even more time researching everything else in the area which I think is the point :cool:

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I offer to subsidize your time by the exchanging beer or dollars for your freshly entered gpx file ;)


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I’m very anti-subscription, so it’s hard for me to pony up. But maybe I’ll have to.
I completely understand. GAIA has a few levels of subscriptions. I used their least expensive subscription for a few years, and I’ve been happy enough with it that I selected the higher level that comes with the Nat Geo maps. It’s one sub that I do not regret. Same as RME.


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So Jo, Ut

These are the 2 options Gaia is giving me.
The only one I recognize in the outside+ subscription is trailforks
It’s $5 more per year for the extras. Need it or nah?