Make The Zuki Great Again


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Hey everyone, my name is Kevin. New to here sent by YROC FAB. I'm located in Richfield, UT.

I'm building a 1987 Suzuki Samurai

Currently has had minimal work done to it, but upgraded perches and steering.

Toyota axles are currently being built to go under it. Stock drive train for now.



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Found this pig a few months back for $200 and drive it onto the trailer backwards, with starting fluid.

Got it going with minimal work. Weber 32/36 that was givin to me and made the adapter plate myself.

Currently have:
5.29s for the axles
4.9s for the t case
trusses and knuckle ball gussets
corbeau baja ss x2
welded rear end

Currently need:
hydraulic double ended ram
powersteering pump
wheels and tires


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Way cool to see another Zuk build. In my experiences, the weber 32/36 suck, they seem to stall out at angle pretty easy. I've heard there is a mod you can do to them to help remedy it, but I've never done it. I always just do diesel swaps haha. That thing looks way cool with the top chopped open though!! Can't wait to see how this turns out!


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I was given the carb, and it was the easiest route to be able to drive it to satisfy my need to wheel it. It was better than rebuilding the Hitachi haha. I may end up putting a 4.3 Vortec in it in the future, but for now the ole powerhouse 1.3 will do.