Marc Bryson lazy "build" -JT Gladiator Rubicon


.......a few dollars more
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So, actual trail day #16 and 17 were spent on the Expedition Utah Ghost Town Tour. Awesome event and a lot of fun. The JT got to stretch it's legs a bit. @DAA suggested that we'd want about 375 miles of range. With a full "normal" tank, I get about 350 miles. I thought I could get away with 5 extra deezel gallons but not knowing what low range stuff and such we'd be doing I thought I'd grab an extra 10. At the last minute, I went and grabbed an extra can for 15 extra gallons. Turned out to not be necessary but it was good piece of mind.

This thing LOVES cruising dirt roads. Not sure what the hell is up with SkyJacker lift and Rubicon Express shocks but I'm pretty happy with the suspension so far. Good and firm but supple when necessary. I thought I'd want to change out to an EVO or Teraflex lift but I think I'd be hard pressed to improve so I'll just leave well enough alone and enjoy the truck.

Not really truck related but cool cemetery sign

GTT trail trim. Kind of a heavy set gal but still pretty sweet looking.

20230513_071434 (1).jpg

I thought I had a picture of the deezel cans. Alas, I do not. They are up front of the two yellow topped bins. I think I'll add some hooks to my home made rack to strap the yellow topped bins to the rack pinning them to the bed floor. The turnbuckles worked just as well in my JT as they did in my 2004 Cummins with the ARB Simpson tent. The Mombasa was not bad at all other than the corny steel ladder. I'll just keep dealing with the corny steel ladder until if/when I camp enough to justify an upgraded RTT. On to the pics


At this point, I'm curious what trail day #18 is. Pretty happy with the truck, the MTZ tires, the SuperLift/Rubicon Express combo. Rock Trix wheels are a little marred up but I earned that against sandstone.

The only way to make this truck better would be to have it come with a 5.7L HEMI with a factory warranty. That would be a bitchin' setup in my opinion


.......a few dollars more
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After the GTT, I thought I should swap the air filter? That's the stock unit (or at least a Mopar replacement). 26k miles. Fuel filter time also


After GTT, I did knock a bunch of dust out of the stock unit. These filters are stupid hard to get. Docs diesel is where I sourced these from