Marc Bryson's K30---Errrr '94 Wrangler----wait, '4x MB---I don't know what it is.....


.......a few dollars more
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So, I'll start another thread but I'll be swapping in a "runner" engine I got off KSL. It's worth the risk for what I'm paying vs losing momentum and having the Jeep down for a long time? If it isn't quite what I'm told, I'll get the old one rebuilt and sell the acquired one off for about what I have into it. Risk will be the time to swap and fluid costs. Who's everybody's favorite radiator shop? I should get a small leak fixed on my petcock while I don't have any coolant in it.

I want an ARB Dual Compressor in my JK this Summer.... I love my CO2 tank, but it takes up so much space! I'd love to hear what you think of the ARB Dual's after a few trail runs & airing back up.
I do quite like this compressor (I seem to be having better luck than Dave did with his?) and it's in a good spot that's reasonably accessible. I need to find a clever spot for the hose to sit near the compressor but not get in the way of the seat belt. It airs up the 38" tires pretty respectably. I use it more for other vehicle tires than mine. I have used it a couple times to go from trail psi (12ish) to 28 psi for the street. It takes about 3-4 min per tire. Not bad for a 12v compressor and the 38" MTR

Where/how did you attach the swaybar to the axle?
I should grab a few pics of that. I thought it would work out awesome but it is just butch. The links cleared in the garage but under trail use they've gotten bent up a little. I think they are still strong enough but they look pretty ugly. I think I want more swaybar but I'd need to change all my steering to make the swaybar adjustable and keep the links straight. While I'm swearing at the engine swap, I'll have to put some more thought into things up there
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