Marc's 88 Samurai Truggy

Marc from Cottonwood Heights, UT

Make, Model & Year of Vehicle:
Suzuki, Samurai, 1988

1.3L on Propane

Stock 5-speed

Stock w/ 6.5/1 gears

Locked 30 Spline
Toyota mini truck axles w/ 5.29's

14" Fox coilovers

Wheels and Tires:
37's on beer cans

Favorite Trails:
Chocolate Thunder, Turkey Claw, anything technical

105" wheel base
Trail gear full hydro
weights in ~2300lbs

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Alright its been a while,

Wheeled this thing all fall/winter with the old set of beer cans and TSL's and finally figured out why the S.O.B ran poorly and continually over heated... The timing belt tensioner was worn out and causing the timing belt to slip and advance/retard. Replaced and set top dead center and now she runs like a rapped ape.

Last month I took my first trip down to Sand Hollow solo and broke my driver side Birfield on Nasty Half "wedge". Now i'm doing like most before me and throwing $$$$ at upgrading my Toyota axles and tires/rims.

Coming from the world of deep mud holes and Dana 60's I hope I don't resent spending the money on upgrading these little axles.


Finished product after spending 2 hours with a Dremel cleaning off all the burs on the inside of the knuckle.

30 Spline gun drilled Longfield super set

37" Pro Comp's and 17" Dirty Life bead locks.

ARP knuckle studs and Koyo bearings