Matrix Resurrections


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After reading this thread, I think I'm with Gravy. The first Matrix is still a fond memory from my high school days, especially when a buddy hadn't seen it in theaters and threw a girl off the couch 3 times for wanting some action while he was trying to watch it for the first time. I don't think I want to taint that hilarious memory with some woke stupid crap....


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I didn't mind that they turned Neo's life into a video game and gave him mental issues because of it. I kind-of liked the idea but the stuff around it needed work... like keeping the original Neo in the past.

I really liked the first part of the movie where the video game and mental issue were used to explain the original trilogy. I think it could have been a good way to wrap up the series if they had stuck with it. I think the movie is better if you assume that is still what is going on for the rest of it.