Matt's Offroad Recovery (Winder Towing) out of Hurricane, Utah


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These guys have a pretty successful YouTube channel and they go after some pretty sketchy recoveries. I cringe a little at some of their practices, but I also keep watching for the trails they end up on that I've never even heard of.

The cringe I'm referring to is the ways they choose to connect two or more chains/straps/kinetic ropes/winch lines together.


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Sand Hollow
Such a strange world we’re living in where a tow company can be famous. Last time I saw them they were recovering a very stuck 5th wheel at Sand Hollow. We honked and waved and they acted like it happened all the time.


This one made me wince several times.

Dude's still alive, so I guess he knows more than I do. But that is not how I would have done that.

Yikes! I'm not a fan compromising my safety or the safety of others for something as silly as a vehicle. Vehicles can be replaced.

I've had random people ask me if I watch this channel when they find out I'm a rock crawler. Like it's popular enough that they've seen it even though they are not really interested in off-roading. I tried watching one but it went like it usually does for me with YT- I got bored and turned it off. Good for them though.


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Yeah that sinkhole/washed out road one made me nervous sitting at the computer.

It puts a smile on my face watching all of these though. It's a 'low budget' rig that punches way above its weight class.

Ramsey in Kanab is running an IG channel on their offroad recoveries. Just pictures.