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Mbryson Daily’s driver project ‘91 MJ Comanche


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Well, it’s back home again from the high school.
Shocks on.
Drop brackets on.
WJ lower control arms on.
Fenders slightly trimmed.
Front axle assembled with new rotors. (Probably put that in later in the week.)

Front axle will need a track bar bracket. That and a rear lower shock mount are likely the only fab work that I’ll need to hack together? Clutch and transmission seem fairly sound. Hopefully I like driving it? It looks cool but drives like a cheap little truck that needs a bunch of work ;) 6F756D19-67BE-44F5-817A-44D44AE30198.jpeg789BA7AB-DA3D-4247-822E-F0A7E5B8616B.jpeg77D9A1C0-2EA4-4262-8A18-ED0B16897847.jpegDA07AC24-BD0E-4417-8424-E07E635DCE80.jpeg


.......a few dollars more
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Exciting stuff today. Finishing up front axle assembly and prepping for putting a panhard in place. Then it could make a trip around the neighborhood and to get emissions taken care of.

Not having a passenger mirror really sucked. I whined about it on my MJ Facebook group. Someone had a cheap solution943941EC-E9F1-4233-BB66-566468A84B4C.jpeg0BDA44C2-7C77-4BCD-A15F-A536D69CEA15.jpeg



Maybe don’t fit the body style as much but WAY better functionality


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Are those just newer XJ mirrors? The older style square-ish XJ mirrors are beyond common in wrecking yards, and they match the style just right.


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Interesting what we have here. This here is a 4x4 shifter from Boostwerks Engineering. Aside from having a cool name, the guy is a good fella to work with.

I haven’t had a lot of time since I started school again so sometimes I just buy stuff. I had a shifter provided by Daveb, but it was lacking a rod and some other widget. Rather than go buy one at the junk, I spent $50 on this cute little thing.

I think we will have 4x4 at the transfer case by the end of the evening?
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I’ve been running that shifter on my rig for a couple years now and I love it! I’ve had nice, firm shifts and I haven’t had to re-adjust it since installation.


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This is a thing. 31F330E9-70B7-416C-B916-742E59BBAB82.jpeg
Tasks at the school.

-front axle
-attach steering (modified pitman arm)
-change BFG to white letters out
-get the 4x4 shifter bolted down to the floor pan

Tasks when it gets home.
-panhard bar on axle end
—don’t even know where to start with interior. It’s not big so that’s a bonus
-rear shocks
-KC HiLites with yellow covers
-dual antenna setup
-probably swapping in some bucket seats I have (JK or misc Toyota units)
-center console


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White letters out are completed. I've always liked that whether it was on Goodyear Eagle ST or BF Goodrich Radial T/A or BF Goodrich All Terrain. White letters out just "fit" the look of the truck to me. Kind of old school. I blasphemously did that on my Dodge (that is so loved) and liked it there :D (that truck was like a hot chick that you were glad when you broke up.... WAY to much maint for what you got out of it---I still think it's a good looking truck and the engine was SWEET)

Front calipers/tie rod ends are NOT a fan of these wheels :(:(:( Did a little grinding and I "think" I have things in good shape? I'll take a gander at it again tomorrow evening. Truck needs a wrench (or socket/ratchet) put on every bolt I've touched before hitting the road for a test drive. I should be in pretty good shape after a couple more things? Are the 15" wheels just NOT going to work on the WJ calipers/tie rods? @ebryson thinks things will fix itself up with a trackbar. I have my doubts but am hopeful. Not to excited to dump the tire/wheel that's on there for a 17" set.

Just need to settle on a trackbar and get a mount welded on the axle side. Hoping to use the stock "frame" side mount. I don't see any reason why I shouldn't use a stock unit where I can mount it parallel to the drag link? Should be fairly quiet and somewhat long lasting?

I can now measure for a front driveline. It might have to be on the cheap as I'm WAY over on funds allocated for this thing. (why I bought lockers, I don't know :rolleyes: )

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I used 15" wheels on my TJ with the WJ brakes. It was really close, but worked. So I'd say it matters WHICH wheels, or how much offset they have, etc.