Mental health: it’s ok to talk.


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I wont lie.. it's not easy. If not for my amazing friends and the people around me, including RME FOLK. It can be rough. Today was my adopted dog eight years b day. Funny that he wanted me....Followed me.....I would do anything still right by me. A lot of thing changes, but not everything. Including appreciating you guys. Little by little


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Yesterday was my friends would-be birthday if he were still around. It's been fun to see all the post on his and his families FB pages from all the people thinking about him and doing activities in his honor. I can only imagine that if he could see the love that was here the whole time that things would have been different.

So I guess this is a small reminder to speak up if you need help, and speak up when you see someone that needs help. Follow your instincts to get involved.
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My sister just lost a nephew-in-law to suicide a couple days ago. He was 21. I’ll echo what’s already been said about speaking up, reaching out etc, but when you’re in that situation it can be damn near impossible to find that courage/ability. As friends with those who might be struggling; when you think someone is not ok you’re probable right. If their reply to your question is “I’m fine” that’s your cue to reach out.

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My wife’s boss took his own life recently—left behind a wife and five kids. My wife is still having a very hard time with all of it.

From what little I knew of him you would have never known he was struggling. It’s easy to hide for sure. He always has a smile and was such a great person to everyone that knew him. He would give you the shirt off of his back. His brother died by suicide 27 years ago in his late teens/early 20’s.

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I'm with ya. I don't know how many of you saw where I used to live in Dry Canyon. I kept saying I loved it. In a sense I did. But I really didn't realize how detrimental is was living up there. There were a lot of factors that made it unpleasant. Social, political, legal, psychological, medical, financial, you name it. All I can say is, it's all I had at the time. Now in Richfield, going back to school in a few weeks. And if you're a bit hungry, hit up KFC. You might catch me there. I will say though, their chicken is still the healthiest fast food around.

With what Jeeper said, I'm willing to talk to someone if they need an ear. I'd rather miss a movie or some sleep or whatever than to see one of my friends pick the wrong door in life.