New Wheels Big Trax
Merry Xmas to you too.
What's the story about the pic/drawing ?
Can't tell much from my phone.
I took my daughter out in the freaking blizzard thinking some shots on the playa next to the Causeway on your way out to antelope island would make a cool picture. She loves the snow, and I was ready to throw on her gloves and get the shoot started, figured 10-15 minutes for some shots, pre setup the camera to conditions and Id be golden right???

Well once she plopped out into about 7 inches of fresh heavy, wet snow.. she wasnt having any of that reduced mobility, not to mention the layers she had on made it difficult to move anyhow.

This is a composite image with Hoth in the background, I used about 14 layers to create this.

The Imperial logo on hat is photoshop, the darth vader on the jacket is a layer, lightsaber, lights, text etc etc. I then ran a filter over my daughter to make her look more cartoonish to match the background.

Here is the untouched photo