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Out of curiosity, what are you 97-06 wranglers getting? I average 14.7 in the city but my commute is only 7 miles one way. I don't really idle my jeep either like if the food line is long and I don't idle for warm up. Just wondering where I compare to others. Fully dressed, winch, bumpers, spare and such with 33s and 4.56 gears.


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I think I get 12 with 35s, 4.56, bumpers, winch, etc. 2006 6 speed. It got the same with a budget boost and JK take offs and stock bumpers. My mileage has always sucked.


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My heavy LJ, 35's, 4.88's, 6 speed manual, 12-13 MPG. Occasionally pull a tank in the 14's, when conditions are favorable, even 15 once in a great while with a long run at lower hiway speeds and fair winds, but that's certainly not typical. Day in, day out, trip after trip, 12-13. I've hand calc'd every fillup ever, and go by the trip odo more than the gas gauge when pushing the range.

Actually, I hand calc every fillup for every vehicle, since I was 17 and had no guage in my '68 Chevelle. Just got in the habit and have never stopped. Can do the math in my head while resetting the trip odo, takes less than a second.



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My 06 LJ auto on 35's an 4.88 gears has averaged 14 over the last 55k miles. Like Dave I have calculated every tank only missing a few when my wife filled it.


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I'm running 35's 4.56 and a lot of extra weight and I usually run 12 city and 15 Highway.


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My 1997 TJ 2.5Ltr and 4:10s with 33s and a 4" lift got 14, no matter where or how I was driving. My 2004 LJ with 35s and a 3" lift pretty much got 16 everywhere. I had stock gears in it.

Loaded for a few days gear to Moab I got 20 down and back in a stock 2016 JKU Rubicon auto with 4:10s. When I put a 3" lift and 35s it dropped to 16 on the highway. I don't really look at it while in Moab, just traveling there and back. I think I am around 15 up here combined.


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When my cj was on 35”s (4.0l swap, 4:56 gears, and a 3 speed auto) I was getting low teens with a mix of driving. I’m sure a overdrive would help a lot.