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I was building a bracket yesterday, made a simple cut with a 4" grinder and a terrible Diablo cutoff wheel, that's another story. The bade shattered. I was Thankful I had safety glasses and gloves on.
Fast forward to last night after taking a shower and my eye starts to hurt. Turns out that I had a large metal sliver in my eye. Now getting a sliver in your eye when you had safety glasses on is odd. This is the 3rd time this has happened!
I'm retarded or has anyone else had this problem, ( shower rinsing metal particulate off your head and into your eyes)? If so how did you solve it?


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I’ve had to go to the ER/instacare twice. Once they get it out they drill the eye to clean any potential rust. Very unpleasant

Mine where from poor use of ppe so I deserved it.


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I had my left eye drilled out for metal 4 days after having lasik. I was wearing safety glasses but the metal bounced off of my cheek and into my glasses before the bank shot to my eye. No one is safe.


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Your glasses are not giving full coverage, especially if this is the 3rd time. I had a neighbor take an exploding wire wheel to the face. He's a welder by trade, and it hosed him for a number of months, with a few surgeries. I spent many late nights in his shop trying to help his family keep the work going. Life would be VERY difficult without eyes. Buy whatever you need to never have this happen again. Your Uncle Brian is concerned for you.


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My eyes are magnets for sawdust, metal etc. I've had metal, rust drilled out twice. Again I agree, not fun.


I bought a face shield years ago and actually wear glasses under it.

I had metal removed from my eye twice and one time they had to dremel out the rust. It was NOT NEAT.

Oh and I am always careful when I get in the shower. I close my eyes while I rinse of my big heed.

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Drill the eye? Dremel out the rust???

Holy crap, I'm never picking up my angle grinder again. :ugh:

Two drilling sessions here too. Both times I was wearing safety glasses....the whole "bank shot" thing, I assume. Both times I was unaware anything was in my eye for a day or two--which is the problem. If there's a particle in there, they can just sorta swipe it out with a Q-tip--but if it's been there long enough to rust (which does not take long), then they have to grind off the "stain" on your cornea with the little drill dealio.

Moral to the story--if you get metal in your eye, have your wife swipe it out with a wet Q-tip. :D Swipe away from your pupil area. If the particle is IN the pupil, just go to the doc first.


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As strange as this sounds, it does indeed work. I have a strong pick up magnet I keep in the medicine cabinet for such emergencies. If you can get it out as soon as you feel it, there’s no die grinding to the eye required. That’s only needed after a day or two, and rust settles in. I’ve had one grind done, but the magnet has worked twice.


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4 times for me to have something scraped out of my eyes. Its seams like its always my left eye. Ive yet to be drilled, they always used a tiny spade looking cutting tool and just scoop it out. Its always been aluminum for me. The doctor told me if they didn't get the aluminum out it would just heal over and have no real consequence so long as it didn't get infected while healing. I dug the last piece of steel out of my eye myself with a sterilized bobby pin. I also keep a strong rare earth magnet on my bathroom medicine cabinet. Ive been wanting to buy me a eye wash station just for the cat hair and eyelashes that seam to attract to my eyes let alone all the metal fabbery i do.

One time i was shooting some cheap ammo out of one of my 1911s and some powder burnt slow and got flung out of the shell as the shell ejected and burned it self into my eye. I scrapped that out myself also.

All 4 times i have went to the doctors and had something scraped they have prescribed me with some kick ass eye steroids that have like 5 year shelf life. Im pretty stocked up on them now as i hardly use any of it.


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To reiterate, the metal has not bank shot my safety glasses, at least not the last 2 times. It has come out of my eye brows or my hair in the shower and ended up in my eye. The eye doctor said she sees it quite frequently. That's why I'm thinking a face shield and hat would keep the small particles off my head.
Glad to hear I'm not some sort of freak eye magnet.