Moab bans plastic bags


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I went out to eat with some friends last night. For the first time in my life that I can remember, I drank straight from my cup and didn't use a straw. I'm pretty much a saint at this point.
There was an older Asian lady who ran the T bone in Springville. One day my mother asked for a straw. The lady came back with a handful and gave my mother one. Then she looked at me and asked in a very Asian accent, " you want straw or you drink like a man?" I have not used a straw to this day.


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Well my love with saving plastic has come to a quick end! We have been taking the very minimal amount of bags at the store.. and just now when I went to empty the small trash cans in the house, we have no more plastic bags to use as trash bags! Freaking stupid! What am I supposed to do, BUY small plastic garbage bags to save from using plastic grocery bags?? retarded.


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I have an issue with laws like that. IMO, it can be handled a better way. Incentivize to lower the use instead of criminalize. But whatever... "if it pleases the crown..."
Since you can not force people to clean up after themselves and take care of roads, camps, etc. this is the only way. I remember when I started four wheeling and rock hounding it was just the thing to do to clean up after yourself. I remember "Leave no trace", You take it in You take it out",
Jack Johnston

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The Sierra Club, Wilderness Society, SUWA, ETC. have failed because they can't even get back packers to clean up after themselves.