Moab Rim Parking


Salt Lake
Its been a long time since I have run Moab Rim during the day. For those that have and trailer your non-street licensed rig, where do you park the tow rig and trailer? The parking at the trailhead is pretty small. Doing night runs it hasn't ever been an issue, but it seems that during the day there might not be enough room for parking a few trailers in there.


Scope Creep
You're right, that parking lot isn't ideal for tow rigs and trailers. It gets pretty busy with people parking to hike and bike, as well.

I'd drive further down the road, just past the Pritchett Canyon entrance. There are a few large parking lots with plenty of trailer room.

I think the local PD won't harass you if you're driving from the trailer to the trailhead, that short distance.