Moab, UT - AreaBFE - Minor Threat

Minor Threat 4x4 Trail
Difficulty: 4.5 / 5 (RR4W Scale)
AreaBFE Rating: Beginner to intermediate
Location: Moab, UT - AreaBFE (
Distance: 0.28 Miles
Description: Expert line options. No real threat of damage to a experienced driver.
Requirements: Winch, 35" tires, and atleast a rear locker

Minor Threat GPS Points
  • Trail Head: 38°24'23.95"N, 109°24'29.72"W
  • "Straight Edge" Obstacle: 38°24'29.12"N, 109°24'28.10"W
  • Trail End: 38°24'34.80"N, 109°24'33.12"W

Minor Thread Trail Map

To View trail in Google Earth: Download the attached .KMZ File and Open.


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