Moab, UT - Cliff Hanger

Cliff Hanger 4x4 Trail
Difficulty: 4 / 5
Location: Moab, UT
Maintained by: Red Rock 4-Wheelers
Distance: 4.3 Miles (x2 for return)

Cliff Hanger GPS Points
  • Trail Head: 38°31'27.18"N, 109°36'6.12"W
  • Entrance / Exit Obstacle: 38°31'28.53"N, 109°36'5.69"W
  • Ledge Obstacle: 38°31'30.75"N, 109°36'6.36"W
  • Obstacle after Kane Creek: 38°31'36.86"N, 109°36'6.53"W
  • Left Turn Obstacle: 38°31'5.36"N, 109°36'52.39"W
  • Cliff Hanger Obstacle: 38°31'25.97"N, 109°37'19.38"W
  • Trail End - Overlook: 38°31'37.83"N, 109°38'32.99"W

Cliff Hanger Trail Maps

To View trail in Google Earth: Download the attached .KMZ File and Open.


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