Moab, UT - Fins & Things

Fins & Things 4x4 Trail
Difficulty: 5 / 10
Rating: Intermediate - Experienced
Location: Moab, UT
Distance: 9.5 Miles (approx.)
Description: Just East of Hells Revenge, this trail is considered one of the icon Moab trails. Flat iron sand stone fins, slick rock climbs and speedy sandy roads. There are several overlook and scenic opportunities long this trail.

Fins & Things GPS Points
  • Trail Head: 38°34'48.49"N, 109°29'57.86"W
  • Trail Head to Section #2: 38°34'36.65"N, 109°28'33.51"W
  • Kenny's Climb: 38°35'33.09"N, 109°30'54.81"W
  • Trail End: 38°34'57.03"N, 109°30'26.12"W

Fins & Things Trail Map

To View trail in Google Earth: Download the attached .KMZ File and Open.


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