Motorsport Fabrication Courses -


Are you not entertained?!
Thought this was pretty cool, seems like a great course for beginning fabricators and good reminders for the seasoned fabricator. I'm far from a professional, so thought these courses were worth taking, they break down individual subjects by topic and make the learning very simple and easy to understand.

You can sign up and pay the cost of the course up front, or split up the payments interest free over a few months.

"It doesn't matter if you're looking to make a simple bracket for your car or motorcycle or setting your sights on the highest levels of motorsport fabrication as a career. These courses are designed to help you gain the skills and knowledge needed to achieve your goal.

Regardless of your current fabrication experience or technical knowledge, these courses can help you to fully understand the theory and help you learn the practical skills you will need to fabricate your own parts. Learn by watching easy to follow videos that explain how to plan, design and fabricate your own parts.

Every fabrication course you do is broken down into easy to digest modules that are explained in plain English that you will understand. A mix of both theoretical and practical courses will ensure your knowledge is complete. This makes it easy for you to tear into your project and achieve your dreams."