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Need a snow shovel?


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I haven't looked at it, but I would bet $20 the carb has been effed by ethanol.

You can buy ethanol free gas a lot of newer Maverick Gas Stations now days. I run all my power equipment on it.

When the season is over for my snowblower or lawn mower, I run it dry, then store it. Then when the time comes back around to run it, I fill it with new clean fuel, and its always starts up.
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NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have led you all astray! My shovel showed up today, and it has a metal edge! This is not the shovel I ordered, and is not the same as the one I was going to replace it with.

I think the metal edge can be easily taken off.

I have failed you all.


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@DAA Just Google your snowblower model with "carb" and order a new one. They are dirt cheap. Cheap enough that it isn't worth the time to diagnose or clean the original carb.
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I tried it earlier today and couldn’t get free shipping. Just tried again to be sure and it offered free shipping! If it doesn’t work, just try again I suppose?? Thanks for the recommendation
Thanks for the advice, wanted to charge me $25 bucks to ship. So I decided against it as its a bit of a drive. Opened again later still charged me, closed it and immediately opened again and it gave me free shipping

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Alright, let me fix all of your problems here................I have kept my opinion to myself long enough. This IS the best shovel I have ever utilized. (no metal edge in fact) I don't know where to get them in your state, but they are worth the money, around $40.00 I have three at home and some at work. They have lasted for years (the first one now just wearing down where it drags on the concrete). Idaho winters + this shovel = happiness (at least as much as possible since I'm shoveling snow)IMG_20181212_135138399.jpgIMG_20181212_135157822.jpg


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That’s almost exactly what the shovel I recommended SHOULD be. But ours has a better handle...

I tried to use the one I just bought, and I made it 5 seconds before losing my temper! The metal edge must come off.


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I don't have a picture, maybe I will get one when I get home, but i have an all plastic blade from Home Depot, even in HD orange, that work great. I saw more of them today at HD on 21st south. around $20 and they are great.