Need a snow shovel?


Currently without Jeep
So Jo, Ut
When I plowed commercially, I would say that snow was money falling from the sky. It was good money, but it was long hours. I plowed almost every Christmas. I missed out on many activities and events because of the snow. I had to live life by the weather all winter. I absolutely loved it, however, I am glad to be away from it... but that hasn’t changed my habits. As soon as the last snow flake falls, I have to clear the snow, even though I know I will have to do it again first thing in the morning due to the second wave of snow coming. My little Colorado with a 5’ ATV plow is no comparison the the dodge Cummins and 10’ plow I used to drive, but there is still a little boy inside me that loves to be pushing snow.


I just do my own properties now, with whichever neighbor I see that may need a hand. I don’t make the dollars I used to, but I sure enjoy it still.