New 4Runner


Aloha’n MF
SaSa Sandy
I want to say there is some mandated safety standard causing this. Has to do with pedestrian impacts or something. I swear @cruiseroutfit told me about it
True story, all have to pass stupid low speed impact with humans to a certain standard because people can’t put their phones down to cross the street and people can’t put their phones down as they are driving up to a light.

Be interesting to see what drivetrain is available. I despise the underpowered 4.0 and 5 speed slush box almost as bad as the 3.4 and the 4 speed slush box. But at least you could still get a 3rd pedal back then. I much prefer the modern Ford drivetrains even if they maybe aren’t as reliable. At least they’ll get out of their own way and OD isn’t a pipe dream