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For the last couple days when I go into a thread, it will be random on whether or not it will jump to the most recent post. About 50/50 I get put at the start of the thread.


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I think it's whether or not you've been in that thread since the software update. If you haven't been in it yet since the software updated, it starts you from the beginning, assuming you wanted to start there. If you have been in, it takes you to new, or if you haven't been in for a while and there's a lot of new posts, it takes you to the first post you haven't seen yet... or at least that's how it appears to be.


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Everytime I try to upload a photo from my phone it tells me that the file size is too big is there a way to resize or Shrink the files easily on mobile? Thank you
I had that problem for the first day but then Shane upped the size limit. What phone do you have? It has worked so far for all my iPhone 7+ pics
It seems any post with a picture has a giant blank space before the post ends. The more pictures the longer the black space after the post...

Using a fairly new dell on internet explorer.