New to Northern Utah

Hey all.

My name is Alex and I'm "new" to the area, I moved up to Roy from Vegas in 3 years ago. I've spent the last few years riding my dirt bike and building. I'm finally ready to get out wheeling again. I don't really know any trails around here, or anyone to go out wheeling with.

I have two rigs currently. My daily driver when I'm not on my bike, a 1998 K2500 that has a 5.3 LM7, NV4500, Twin sticked NP205, King pin D60/14 bolt both locked with 4.56s, Rolling on 37s. It was an extended cab long bed, I cut 24" out of the wheel base and 36" total off the truck.

My other rig is a 1945 Willys MB. It has a 4.3l V6, SM465, D18/20 hybrid, Waggy D44s, YJ leafs, Toy steering, 37"s. Its just about done, I have to pull it apart for final welding, plumbing, and wiring.

My DD in the summer, a plated 15 WR450F. It has the basic mods and a set of knobbies and sumo wheels.

I look forward to getting out and wheeling with some of you.

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Thanks for the welcomes guys. I've been exploring the forums a bit. looks like there is a small run coming up ill try to jump on. Ive been wanting to make it to the flat fender run for a while now. I need to get off my butt and finish that damn thing.
Welcome Alex, and nice rigs. No mention of the red 60's C-Truck in the background, is this one yours as well?
Thanks. Yes, it was mine. I picked it up two winters ago for cheap. Dropped a 350 in it, converted it to power steering, went through the brakes and some other things. Then sold it in the summer after driving it for a few months.



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Highland Springs
Cool, I've got a 60 Apache C-10 Stepside, all original with 80k-ish miles on it. I have a 78 C-10 front suspension to slide under it, which will add disc brakes and allow for lots of ride height options.