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Sorry to create another newby thread, but seems to be the best way to get started. I'm new to Utah and currently in the NSLC area. I basically have 4wheel drive and a winch and just want to get out and see as much of the local area and state as I can. I plan to add more to my truck as needed but I want to see what the ol girl can do before I start throwing money around. Not trying to get into anything crazy, but I've been up Bountiful (before the snow), just got back from Moab over Christmas and recently visited City of Rocks in Idaho. That all being said, I'm free most weekends and would really enjoy meeting up if anyone has any type of ride planned in the SLC area.


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Welcome to RME, Jonas! Plenty of people around your area, shouldn't be hard to get out with some of the other members. Out of curiousity, what are you driving?