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We spent the bulk of yesterday at the lighting store for the interior of the house. That got me thinking about garage lighting.

One thing I haven't found a lot of information on was lamp posts, or yard lamps or similar. We have a weird little corner of where our yard meets the cul de sac that’s kind of a challenge to use. As these things go, “worthless “ areas can become a real asset to a property if done correctly. I want this area to be as LOW maintenance as it can be because I’m not much of a green thumb. I have a few ideas for that space (it’s almost a triangle between where the driveway and the cul de sac meet and where the property line goes to the center of the cul de sac) but it will involve some kind of cool light. My wife wants the light and/or ornament in that area to be Willy’s related. So I’ll want to wire for a light to this area. Should be about a 75-85’ run to where I assume the porch light switch will be. I thought of a vintage gas pump there or something but that's not really my thing.

3344_garage plot plan.jpg

Sorry about the fantastic “drawing”. Crude but effective communication. Picture is with a thousand words and all, right? My question about that area is about wiring to it. I’d like to run some electrical wire out of the garage to be able to switch on the lamp near the front porch light switch. How should the electrical get out of the garage space and under the RV pad/driveway. I’m sure I’d want to use an outdoor conduit but the house penetration is the question. Should I buy my foundation concrete guys some lunch and have a conduit punched through the concrete wall during the pour? Am I better to just keep the foundation walls as poured and drill through the wall before the exterior flat work is done? Don’t mess with the concrete and drill through the framing before the stucco guys get there?

I’ll likely also put another lamp on the other side of the driveway that I think I want on additional switch. That one can be more of a traditional lamp post that maybe matches the units on the exterior of the house.

It sounds like the front end of a Jeep (a Willy's or something) would be welcome there. I assume a vintage grille or something might wander away at some point? It might have to be more "artistic" than using actual parts?
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Take the conduit through the foundation before the pad is poured. Keep it under the horizontal concrete-in the gravel/roadbase or whatever they use. Make sure when you count up all the elbows/bends they add up to less than 360°. Best option would be to come through the foundation wall low and then come straight up the inside of the foundation wall, through the concrete floor and up to your working height. The foundation guys will probably want to sleeve the foundation with a larger pipe during the pour and then you will have to run the conduit after they strip the forms but before they backfill.