For Sale Old home built enclosed trailer (needs work)


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My brother in law had to get this off the property it was on. I was going to fix it and use it but we just bought a new bumper pull and I need the space.
I was going to replace the mobilehome axles with some 95" axles, fix the tongue and replace the floor with some 2x's.
Axles are good if you have a way to change the tires, the 3 tire shops I called said they won't since the machines won't work with them.
Pulled great from fairview to spanish

$100 or trade for some adult beverages
Also have a brake light wiring kit from HF, that I will let go for $25, is the full kit that I can't find on their site now, 25' wire think it was $50
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Best Offer anyone? honestly anything he gets from it will just go to his beer fund. Solid base, i figured it would be about $1200ish for axles $300ish to fix the tongue, floor is okay I was juts going to put in new lumber to strengthen it up.
If nothing here, it will just go to scrap which seems like a waste.