Shop / Tools Opportunity to learn/experience welding... Episode 1


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Someone posted this thread in mine asking about learning to weld. If you are going to be doing this again, please let me know! I would love to get semi proficient at welding.


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I'm in, I just signed up the community class at the high school for the next 8 weeks. Id love to do more either during of after the class!


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Hey @zmotorsports , what tube inserts do you prefer?
I apologize, I missed this and just saw it.

It depends on what I'm building. When I was building sandrails and race cars I was using Pro-Werks because I would purchase them at the same time as my 4130 chromoly tubing from Chassis Shop. I still buy them from there on occasion but most of the time McMaster Carr lately. For the bigger ones such as 1-1/4" and up I've used Ballistic Fab and have been pleased with the pricing and quality. If I don't have the time to wait I have had to machine some in a pinch as well.