OSRC 2017 Winners!

Craig S

Delta, Utah
Congratulations to all the teams at this years event! I have complied a list of the winners. See www.oldschoolrockcrawl.com for the scores.

Overall Event Champion- Cameron Harris (Crawl + Rock X)

Pro Unlimited Crawl

1. Steve Nantz

2. Todd Young

3. Cody Waggoner

Pro Modified Crawl

1. Tate Elquist

2. Jessie Haines

2. Dennis Volkoff

Trail Buggy Crawl

1. Brent Jolley

2. Colton Cook

3. Jerry Cook

Legend Crawl

1. Cameron Harris

2. Tyler Harper

3. Nate Hurst

Stock Crawl

1. John Bennet

2. Brian Twyman

3. Devon Parson

UTV Crawl

1. Alex Burgman

Pro Unlimited/Pro Mod/Trail Buggy Rock X

1. Jessy Haines

2. Calvin Ninow

3. Chad Schoonover

Legend/Stock Rock X

1. Cameron Harris

2. Nate Hurst

3. DNF

UTV Rock Cross

1. Kyle Wells (Polaris)

2. Devin Worthen (Can Am)

3. Weston Jones (Polaris)