Our 2017

So this year kinda started out with nothing planned but maybe just small weekend trips.
Usually I plan our first big trip, a year in advance.
Wasn't sure what was gonna happen and then my woman texts me saying she won a trip through her work. She's entered this raffle the last 6yrs and finally got it. [emoji41]

The location was San Francisco.
This was completely new to us.
Having never been on a plane OR in a airport, also being in a big city we was out of our element.
Only had about a month to prepare and figure out what's there to see.
I kept an open mind about the whole thing.

Once on the plane, the takeoff gave our guts the willys bad. Fun though.
If you've never been on a plane it's kinda like a being in a boat when you get to 30,000ft.

We used Uber to get around while there.
View from the hotel.

The next day was raining so we decided to hit indoors type stuff.
Im not a religious guy but seeing the Grace Cathedral was cool.

A part of the movie Bullitt was filmed here.

Next was the cable car museum.
These pull the cables though the streets.

They also had a full machine shop.

Then we walked a few blocks over to China town. Got somewhat lost and decided to make our way to union square.

Had lunch at the Burger Bar overlooking union square and made our way back to the hotel.
Alot of walking that day.

Day 3
Got sucked into the whole time share deal but ended up with a gift card to spend after the presentation.
Then we were off to see the Golden gate bridge. Rented bikes at the Sports basement to ride over the bridge.

Container ships are huge.

Windy and noisy but very fun riding across.

Took the bikes back and had the Uber driver take us down Lombard (zigzag) street on the way back to the hotel.

The next morning we left early for the piers.

Yep. Going to prison. [emoji15]
Next stop, Alcatraz !
Bay bridge

This was filmed in the movie (Murder in the first) and left there.

The self guided audio tour is awesome. They give you some headphones and a iPod thingy.
You hear them making comments as you enter like a real prisoner on his first day, yelling "fresh meat".

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It was surreal hearing the stories and memories they had there. Also had a former prisoner there talking/selling his book about his time served.

Wardens home.


Time served, we enjoyed our short stay there. Goodbye Alkatraz.

Back at the pier we checked out the Navy submarine and WWII liberty ship that supplied troops with tanks, trucks, ammo, ect on D-day.

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Day 5.
Was a day at the beach and ice cream at Gerideli square.

Some streets here are very steep hills. I can see how you could launch a mustang and Dodge. [emoji15]
Pics dont do justice.

Very few custom cars here.

Most people here dont own a car, hardly any trucks.
It's interesting to see how everything is so close together and everyone just walks where they need to go.
Makes you appreciate your house and yard.
A different experience for sure.

Last day we packed up and the power went out but the hotel did a good job getting the elderly and disabled down the stairs to the lobby.
One thing was interesting ; no bibles OR book of Mormon in the drawers. Just a flashlight. I see why.

Made it to the airport faster than I expected with the power outage.

The flight home was alot smoother on takeoff than SLC. Something about a noise ordinance here and they take off, get to 30,000ft as fast as possible.
I thought this was lake Tahoe or pyramid lake.

What a great trip and new experience.

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Went and checked out Great Basin NP last weekend.
My grandparents took me here when I was little, wich I vaguely remember. So it's time to go back.

Going up the Wheeler peak scenic drive. Elevation climbs quickly up this road to 10,000ft.

Wheeler peak campground was still closed for snow. Views were awesome.

Looking through the telescope you could see people hiking at the top.[emoji15]

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The next day we reserved our tours for the Lehman caves.
Nice and cool inside.
Being somewhat dark inside I found a setting on the camera that brought out the light inside.

View from camp as the sun was setting.

This river was roaring.

That morning before leaving, we went to see/hike to Lexington arch.
The mild dirt road going up had gotten washed out and the further you went, the worse it got.

Running out of time and gas, we never found the trailhead and turned around. Bummer but it's something to come back for.

As usual, wished we had more time here.

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Spent a day visiting family at Tibble Fork , then went for a drive.
It's been awhile since I've done the Milk maid trail. It was time to revisit.
As we started the trail , it became clear that it was badly overgrown and a paint scratcher. Heavy paint torture going on.

A few tree's had fallen from a avalanche during winter and lifting a few out of the way along the trip.
Near the end you have to park and hike in. Very narrow (cliff edge) and no turning around.

When I was last here 10+ yrs ago, this was a square entry way you could park a Miata in.
Now you can barely crawl into it.
Lots of rock slides have gone on.
Views are still good.

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While taking a leak by a tree I found this lil "survivor man"/naked&afraid lean-to .
Kinda odd.[emoji15]

A look inside.

It started raining fairly quickly so it was time to make our way down the trail.

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After a bunch of weekends of working on stuff. It was time to test those mods/repairs.

This is part 2 to our skyline Dr adventures.

Left Friday morning at 8a.m. to catch the cool air on the way to Skyline Dr. To explore more of the area.
This time, hit and fish as many lake's as I can.

Once we hit hwy 31 it was still cool air but a steep uphill.
I was impressed and proud of my jeep. Stayed cool and didn't have to stop once.
Also tried some different driving. At the most steep and slow part of the canyon, I kicked it down to 1st and slowed to 25mph. This helped it cool down a bit more. Probably could have stayed in 2nd but tried relieving some stress at the last part of the climb.

Got to camp at 11a.m. set up and immediately went fishing.
Even found our last campspot empty (its a sign) at Cleveland lake.

A cool cliff near the water but no fish.

Also fished Huntington (aka; Mammoth) and Electric lake.

The next morning we made a beeline for Joe's valley Dam.

Took about an hour (+ -) from hwy 31. Aired down we could average 30mph with spots you could pick up to 50.
Fished here for maybe 20min.

On the way back we took pics.

Finally caught a fish at Potters ponds.

A rainstorm rolled in and made our way back to camp.
Miller flat resivore.

Took a nap, had dinner and fished some more.

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Skyline Drive part 3
Labor day weekend.

Saturday morning we made our way up 29 above Ephraim.

Found a nice spot with a great view just above Loggers lake and Jet fox Res.

Next morning fishing Snow lake and Jet fox.

Ate a great breakfast and then went down 29 to explore/fish some more.
Pete's hole and Soup bowl.

Then onto Grassy lake.

On the way back to camp decided to check out the Gaurd shack and another trail that ended at an overlook.

Had dinner and chilled for a bit then went for another drive to High top.

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Monday morning we packed and left for hwy 31, driving skyline north.

The first half is pretty slow going. Lots of rutts and rocky sections. (Even had the teardrop aired down)
After passing the turn for Potters canyon it started to smooth out and could pick up the speed.

Already planning a part 4 . [emoji41]
Got some cool time lapse vids to post soon.

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Went for a fall drive today.
Made our way up Farmington canyon and checked out the northern skyline Dr.
Up by the radio towers.

Totally forgot to fuel up before heading up so we went back down for fuel and lunch then made our way to the B.

Decided to go down Ward canyon and got to a certain point.

If it was my jeep I would've, but it's hers and not for the breaking.
Reversed out and headed back home.

Still a fun day.

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