Place to sleep EJS


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Going to head to Moab tomorrow, work eased up, and I have the option to head south for the weekend. Can’t afford it, but safari is calling me.... I am so super cheap, going to be sleeping in the back of the jeep. I really think I am getting too old for this craziness. .....wondering if any of you know of a good place to park at night. Just need a reasonable place to park for the sleeping hours and not be harassed. Figure with all the years of experience on this forum, there may be some known places that would work for me. Trying to do a trail on Saturday and Sunday then headed home. Any advice would be appreciated.


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I think this is across the street from the area the Hickster is talking about. I didn't know it existed until some friends stayed there a few years back. It was during EJS and it wasn't even crowded.